Oversight & Accountability

The Commission operates with the expectation that charter school accountability must be clear and transparent to both charter school operators and the public. To this end, all Commission authorized charter schools must sign a five-year contract that contains clear expectations regarding the school’s performance. The Commission utilizes a performance framework, which clearly states the expectations the Commission has for the charter school while balancing autonomy with increased accountability, to rate the charter school’s performance. Please visit our Performance Framework page for more information about what the framework assesses.

Charter schools are monitored for compliance regarding state and federal laws, the charter contract, and performance by the Commission, along with a variety of state agencies including the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction. Annually, each school is provided a report that describes the school’s performance against the expectations laid out in the performance framework.

The Commission will formally visit all schools during their first year of operation. First Year Site Visits generally last between two and two-and-a-half-days and allows the Commission to hold charter schools externally accountable for their operations.