About the Commission

Established in April 2013, the Washington State Charter School Commission (Commission) is the state’s only non-district and statewide charter school authorizer.  The passage of the new Charter School Act in April 2016 added two new members to the Commission, which is now governed by an eleven-member board, with each member serving for four years.

Led by Executive Director Joshua Halsey and guided by the Commission’s Strategic Plan, the Commission staff leads the charter school applications process, manages the authorization work, and provides support services to Washington state charter schools.

Currently, the Commission has charter schools across Washington state.  The Commission accepts applications from any non-profit, public benefit corporation interested in starting a charter school in Washington state.


To authorize high-quality charter public schools and provide effective oversight and transparent accountability to improve educational outcomes for at-risk students.


Foster innovation and ensure excellence so that every student has access to and thrives in a high-quality public school.





High Expectations

Strategic Plan

The 2018-2020 strategic plan is available here.

On September 23, 2014 the Commission adopted a three-year strategic plan, available here.




Decision Package:  El Centro de la Raza vs State of WA (Charter Schools-2)


Decision Package: 15% Reduction of General Fund Authority

Decision Package: Restore 15% Reduction

Decision Package: Increase Oversight Capability

Decision Package: Attorney General Services

Decision Package: Maintenance Level Revenue

Supplemental Decision Package FY2016: League of Women Voters vs WA

Supplemental Decision Package FY2016: Unemployment and Leave Buyout Costs



Supplemental Decision Package: League of Women Voters vs WA



The Commission bylaws updated November 2018 are available here.