Public Comment

Public Comment Process

If you would like to submit comment for the public record, please e-mail your comment by 5:00 p.m. the day prior to the posted regular Commission meeting.

If you would like to sign up for oral public comment at an upcoming Commission meeting, please complete the Public Comment Sign Up Form by 5:00 p.m. the day prior to the posted regular Commission meeting.  In-person sign-up closes 5 minutes before the start of the commission meeting. Please note, oral public comment is limited to up to two (2) minutes per person, and will be limited to the designated amount of time in the posted agenda. There will be time dedicated to both in-person and virtual public comment.

Contact: or 360-725-5511

Connect with a Commissioner

Per the Commission’s Principles of Service, to promote consistency and objectivity, the Executive Director or her designee shall respond to communications, including emails, telephone calls, and in-person inquiries, on behalf of the Commission.

Staff contact: Jessica de Barros, Executive Director, or 360-725-5511

Connect with a School

To connect with a school directly, please visit the Our Schools page for contact information.

Concerns or Complaints?

About the Commission

The Commission has adopted a Complaint Policy to receive complaints about the Commission itself. Please review the policy for purpose, scope and process to submit complaints.

About a Commission-authorized charter public school

To file a complaint about a Commission-authorized charter public school, please visit the Our Schools page and follow the school’s established complaint process. All charter public schools have their own complaint processes which should be followed first before filing a complaint with the Commission.

To file a complaint with the Commission, please visit our Complaint Process page.

Contact Information

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P.O. Box 40996

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(360) 725-5511


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