Commission Meetings

The Commission values both transparency and input from the community. In that vein, the Commission meets monthly to conduct agency business and the public is welcome to attend. There is time set aside at the beginning of each meeting for public comment. For a list of locations and times for the monthly meetings, please visit our Meeting Schedule page. All meeting agendas, materials and minutes are available for review by visiting our Meetings Archive page.


Public Forums

During the annual Request for Proposals process, the Commission hosts a Public Forum for each community where a proposed charter school is sited. The purpose of the Public Forum is for the parents, community members, local residents, and school district board members and staff to learn about and provide input on the proposed charter school. At the forum, the proposed charter school operator provides the Commission and the public with a brief overview of their school, including intended outcomes, followed by public comment from the community. Public Forums are evening events lasting 90 minutes. Transcripts from these forums are posted to the Application Process page under Public Forum.

You can can also see the schedule of upcoming Public Forums on our Calendar.


Public Comment Protocol

  • A 45 minute running clock will be used to indicate the beginning and end of the public comment period.
  • Individuals wishing to make public comment should obtain a ticket at the meeting sign-in table
  • Ticketing will close at the beginning of the public forum.
  • Commentators will be selected via lottery; 20 ticket numbers will be displayed at the front of the room.
  • Commentators with a matching ticket should line up beside the microphone with their ticket ready.
  • Each individual will be allotted 2 minutes for public comment; however, individuals requesting interpretation support will be allotted 4 minutes to provide their verbal comment.
  • Once the original 20 tickets are exhausted, we will continue selecting commentators via lottery.
  • All public comments will end when the 45 minute running clock is exhausted.


Translation Services

The Commission actively engages in culturally and community responsive practices. To this end, the Commission will have on-site translators at each public forum.

The Commission will automatically provide English/Spanish and Spanish/English translators for direct translation via headset, as well as for individuals wishing to give public comment in Spanish.

Individuals giving public comment through a translator will be given an extended period of time to provide public comment.

To request translators for languages other than Spanish, please make your request by DATE TO BE DETERMINED to:

Amanda Martinez

(360) 725-5511