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Public Schools

Authorized charter public schools serve students in diverse communities across Washington State. Each school is opened only after an extensive and rigorous application process that requires applicants to file a notice of intent, submit a detailed application, participate in a capacity interview, and answer in-depth questions from the Commission. As public schools, charter public schools are tuition-free, publicly-funded and staffed by certified teachers. Each school is also accountable to the same state and national standards as traditional public schools.

While there is currently not an application window for potential new charter public schools, the Commission oversees the performance frameworks for 16 charter public schools in Washington. Existing charter public schools may apply for expansion. Most recently, the Commission approved an expansion application from Spokane International Academy so that the charter public school could expand from serving K-8 to serving K-12 in their community. And in late 2022, Rainier Valley Leadership Academy was approved to expand from serving 6-12 to serving K-12. Existing charter public schools may also apply for renewal of their charter to continue operating.

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School Board Meetings

Each school has regular board meetings; by law the actions/discussions at these meetings are available for public viewing. See links below for board information.

New School Applications

The 2021-2022 Washington State Legislature did not renew the authorization window for new charter public schools in 2022. Until the law is changed by the State Legislature, no new schools may apply for authorization.

The Commission has archived applications for new schools as a reference.