Current Rule Making Activity

The Commission proposes to create new rules in order to comply with RCW 28A.710.185 and RCW 28A.710.187. The new rules include:

  1. Creation of a policy statement for complaints against charter schools.
  2. Description of requirements for charter schools regarding school complaint processes.
  3. Description of the new commission school complaint process.
  4. Explanation of how complaints will be used

View the Charter School Commission’s filings on the Washington State Register.

CR-101 Preproposal Statement of Inquiry

Filing Date Washington State Register (WSR) Number
June 26, 2023 WSR 23-14-036


CR-102 Proposed Rule Making

Hearing Date Washington State Register (WSR) Number
November 21, 2023 WSR 23-21-093


CR-103P Rule-Making Order Permanent Rule Only

Filing Date Washington State Register (WSR) Number
December 19, 2023 WSR 24-01-111

Upcoming Hearings

No upcoming hearings scheduled