Logo for Spokane International Academy. It is a red circle, with the words Spokane International Academy Est. 2015 around the perimeter. The school shield is in the center. The shield has two white chaffs of wheat on a red background in the upper left-hand quadrant, a stylized blue and white image of an open book on a white background in the upper right-hand quadrant, the lower left quadrant has a two-color (blue and white) image of the Earth on a white background, and the lower right has the letters SIA on a red background. .

School Profile

Address | 777 E Magnesium Road, Spokane, WA 99208

Email | mainoffice@spokaneintlacademy.org

Phone | (509) 209-8730

Website | https://www.spokaneintlacademy.org/

Grades Offered | K-12

Year Opened | Fall 2016

Administrators | Travis Franklin

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