Policy Updates

The Charter School Commission has the authority to create rules for charter public schools in Washington state. Rules developed by the Commission can be found in Title 108 WAC.

Current Rule-Making Activity

The status of Commission rulemaking may be found below. You may examine Commission rulemaking publications in the Washington State Register (WSR) on the Legislature’s Website.


Public Hearings

  • Chapter 108-30 and 108-40 WAC: On July 28, 2022 at 10:00 a.m., online using Zoom at: https://zoom.us/j/3607255511 Dial (646) 558-8656 Meeting ID 360 725 5511


Recent Filings

  • A CR-101 (preproposal statement of inquiry) for WAC 108-30 and 108-40 that has been published as WSR 22-19-099 regarding general administrative and procedural rule changes on the performance frameworks and charter school contract renewal.
  • A CR-102 (proposal for permanent rulemaking) for WAC 108-30 and 108-40 that will be published as WSR 22-11 regarding general administrative and procedural rule changes on the performance frameworks and charter school contract renewal.

If you’d like an Office of the Code Reviser certified copy (PDF) of the documents above, please contact us.


Rulemaking FAQ

What is a rule? 
Rule is established by state agencies and becomes Washington state law as Washington Administrative Code.

Why can agencies make rules? Isn’t that usually the Legislature? 
Agencies are given authorities in statute by the Legislature to make rules that become law as Washington Administrative Code. Often, statute on a topic is vague, and therefore agencies who have content experts write clarifying information in rule. For instance, when the Charter School Act was created in ESSB 6194, the Commission was given rulemaking authority to further to assist implementation of the new policy. Statute supersedes Washington Administrative Code. The Legislature makes statute and state agencies make Washington Administrative Code.

Why is the process so complicated? 
There are certain timelines and requirements for the public process during rulemaking. The process can move no faster than allowed unless there are certain compelling situations that warrant emergency rulemaking to put a rule into effect immediately. 

What do all of these terms like CR-101, WAC, and chapter or section of WAC mean?
Code Reviser (CR) forms like CR-102, CR-102, and other CR-XXXX are submitted by state agencies to change the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). The Code Reviser is an office within the Legislature that processes rulemaking submissions from state agencies to formally establish it as law in the Washington State Register (WSR), a publication of changes to Washington state law. A chapter of WAC is the particular chapter within an agency title and a particular section of WAC is within a chapter.

What’s the most up-to-date resource for seeing  rulemaking publications?
Please visit the Legislature’s website for a full listing of Commission rulemaking submissions.

What is the Washington State Register (WSR)?
WSR publications are how the Legislature maintains an open and public process when agencies go through the procedural steps of changing the WAC. The Code Reviser forms (i.e. CR-101, etc) are published in the WSR. The number sequences in the WSR publication allow people to find the rule filings on www.leg.wa.gov and ensures that the public has access to state rulemaking information. We hyperlink those WSR publications for your ease-of-access.

Where can I learn more about these rulemaking processes and the Legislature?
The site www.leg.wa.gov has many useful resources including this page about the Washington State Register.

Rules Coordinator

Jessica de Barros
Charter School Commission
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Phone: 360.725.5511