Policy Updates

The Commission is an independent state agency whose mission is to authorize and oversee high-quality charter public schools throughout the state. The Commission has the authority to create regulations governing its schools and, as a transparent organization, welcomes public input to its rule-making process. Rules developed by the Commission can be found in Title 108 WAC. The Commission will notify the public when it begins developing an agency rule and will provide opportunities for feedback and comments from the public.

The new charter school law that took effect on April 3, 2016 has been codified in the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) under 28A.710, and the Commission will update its agency rules to reflect the new law.  After the rules have been through the rule-making process and have received approval, the agency rules linked below will be updated.


Approved Agency Rules

Below is a list of rules that were approved by the Commission.

WAC 108-10 & WAC 108-20: Charter School Application Process & Application Content and Approval Criteria

WAC 108-30: Charter School Performance Framework

WAC 108-40: Charter School Oversight and Corrective Action Policy, Renewal and Nonrenewal Policy, Revocation Policy, and Termination Protocol

WAC 108-50: Public Records


Current Rule-Making Activity

The Commission is in the process of rule-making activity to update its rules to align language in the rules with the language in the new charter school law.  The proposed rule changes are minor in nature and do not affect the intent or effect of the rule.  Below is a list of rule-making activity and citations to all notices that are published in the Washington State Register (WSR).

Semi-Annual Rule-Making Agendas:

Rule-Making Agenda August – December 2016 – WSR 16-18-095

Rule-Making Agenda January – June 2017 – WSR 17-04-017

Rule-Making WSR Publications:

Preproposal Statement of Inquiry – WSR 16-17-058  (CR-101)

Proposed Rule Making – WSR 16-21-079 (CR-102)

The Commission filed a Rule-Making Order (CR-103P) on March 24, 2017 for publication in the Washington State Register (17-08-011), which will be distributed in April 2017.  The CR-103P can be viewed at the link below:

Rule-Making Order – WSR 17-08-011  (CR-103P)

Public Hearing for Draft Rules

There are no scheduled Public Hearing for Draft Rules at this time.

Rules Coordinator

Amanda Martinez
Charter School Commission
P.O. Box 40996
Olympia, WA 98504-0996


Phone: 360.725.5511