In an effort to build capacity and knowledge in potential applicants, the Washington State Charter School Commission, has developed a new opportunity for those who are potentially interested in starting a charter school and would like initial feedback about their educational program and school model. The Prospectus is made up of six sections that address some of the fundamental elements that are critical to the design and operation of a charter public school. The Commission believes individuals and groups, even those who are early in their ideation process, can and should be able to speak to these elements. The culmination of the Prospectus process is an opportunity for individuals and groups to have their school ideation efforts reviewed and rated by trained independent external evaluators. The submission of a Prospectus is separate and distinct from the annual New Charter School Application solicitation. Feedback provided by evaluators on the Prospectus in no way guarantees a similar result if the same individual or group submits a New Charter School Application.


2018 Charter School Prospectus Materials

Charter School Prospectus

Charter School Prospectus Evaluation Rubric

Mission Specific Goals Template