The Washington State Charter School Commission (Commission) is committed to fostering innovation and ensuring excellence so that every student has access to and thrives in a high-quality public school.

As the state’s only non-district and statewide charter school authorizer, the Commission’s mission is to authorize high-quality charter public schools, especially schools designed to expand opportunities for students who have been underserved, and to ensure the highest standards of accountability and oversight for these schools.

The Commission is committed to closing opportunity gaps between the state’s most and least privileged groups of students within the educational system. It has a moral obligation and legal obligation to cultivate charter schools where socio-economic status and protected groups status such as race, gender, language, sexual orientation, national origin, and disability cease to be a predictor of academic and life outcomes. Educational equity benefits all students and our entire community.

The Commission will align its practices, policies and procedures and support the charter schools it authorizes and oversees to achieve and maintain educational equity.

View the Commission’s Equity Policy here (Adopted June 27, 2019).