Upcoming Commission-authorized Charter Schools

Willow Public School

Designed to offer a more personalized experience for middle school students in Walla Walla, Willow Public School will use a project-based learning model to prepare students to be successful in honors and AP courses in high school, putting students on the path to success in college and career. With its approval, Willow Public School becomes the first charter school authorized by the Commission to open in Eastern Washington.

  • Located in¬†Walla Walla
  • Will Grow to Serve Grades 6-8
  • Opening 2018

Impact Public Schools

The mission of Impact Public Schools is to prepare a diverse student population to succeed in college and impact communities as the next generation of equity-driven, innovative leaders.

Puget Sound Elementary

  • Located in¬†Tukwila
  • Will Grow to Serve Grades K-5
  • Opening 2018