Currently Operating Commission-authorized Charter Schools

Below is a list of schools that have been authorized to open this year by the Washington State Charter School Commission. This list links to the individual schools’ websites. Please contact the individual schools directly for more information on curriculum and enrollment.

Green Dot Public Schools

Green Dot Public Schools was founded in 1999 in direct response to the poor state of public high schools in the Los Angeles area. Green Dot’s original schools were purposefully located in some of California’s most under-served neighborhoods. The Commission noted in recommendations that Green Dot has strong curriculum and instructional design, with an emphasis on college preparatory work.

Destiny Charter Middle School

  • Located in Tacoma
  • Currently Serving Grade 6-8

Excel Public Charter School

  • Located in Kent
  • Currently Serving Grades 7-9

Rainier Valley Leadership Academy

  • Located in Southeast Seattle
  • Currently Serving Grade 6

Rainier Prep

Rainier Prep was formed by a Washington-based team led by veteran educator Maggie O’Sullivan, who has served as a teacher, a para, a coach, and a principal in public schools  throughout the Seattle area for over 15 years. Rainier Prep’s mission is to enroll every graduating eighth grade student into a college prep high school program, to prepare every scholar to excel at a four-year college, and, ultimately, to ensure that every scholar is ready to serve as a leader in their community.

  • Located in Seattle
  • Currently Serving Grades 5-7

SOAR Academy

SOAR Academy was formed by a Washington-based team led by veteran educator Kristina Bellamy-McClain, who has worked in public education for 13 years, most recently as a principal in Seattle. SOAR will offer a small, intimate, classroom-based, personalized environment. SOAR’s mission is to provide students with a rigorous, engaging, and personalized educational experience, preparing them to become productive members of a diverse, global society and equipping them academically and socially for success in and through high school, college, and beyond.

  • Located in Tacoma
  • Currently Serving Grades K-3

Summit Public Schools

Summit Public Schools currently serves approximately 1,600 students from diverse communities in six schools located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ninety-six percent of Summit students are accepted to at least one four-year college or university, with graduates on track to complete college at double the national average. The Commission has noted Summit’s educational model in its recommendations, including its rigorous courses, creative teaching models, high-levels of school involvement and participation and a defined path to success for students.


  • Located in Tacoma
  • Currently Serving Grades 9-11


  • Located in Seattle
  • Currently Serving Grades 9-11


  • Located in Seattle
  • Currently Serving Grades 6&9