Performance Framework

The performance framework is the most important tool that the Commission and charter schools utilize as they collectively strive to create student-centered, academically rigorous, fiscally sound, and organizationally vibrant public charter schools. The purpose of the performance framework is to provide guidelines for charter school planning, implementation, self-evaluation, authorizer monitoring, and continuing improvement.

The Commission uses the framework as a tool to “ensure the highest standards of accountability and oversight” [RCW 28A.710.180 (1)] and engage in continuous learning and compliance conversations with charter schools. Charter schools view the framework as a critical self-evaluation tool for both continuous improvement and compliance.

The Commission is currently in the process of creating the performance framework. For information regarding the performance framework, please consult the documents below. Please note that these are draft documents and will be updated periodically.


Academic Framework

The Commission has made significant progress towards finalizing and adopting the measures, metrics, targets and methodologies associated with the Academic Performance Framework (APF) and seek feedback so that it can be improved and ultimately adopted and implemented by the Commission. The APF is designed to allow the Commission to evaluate a charter school’s academic performance and answer the question “is the charter school’s academic program a success?” The Commission has worked with National Association of Charter School Authorizers (NACSA) and Public Impact in the development of the APF.  With Washington state implementing the Smarter Balanced Assessment and administering it for the first time in the spring of 2015, the Commission has not yet finalized and adopted the APF.

Below are links to the draft APF, an overview of the APF, a methodology document and a PowerPoint presentation, all of which are designed to help explain how the Commission plans to use the APF regarding charter school oversight and accountability.  There is also a link to an online survey that is available for you to provide the Commission feedback on the APF.  The survey will be closed January 31, 2017.


Financial Framework


Organizational Framework